Eazy-ECPT.com presents Ruthless Memories 2 (Eazy-E Dedication Mixtape)

Monday, March 26, 2012, will mark 17 years since the death of hip hop
innovator and music industry pioneer, Eric "Eazy-E" Wright.
"Throughout the month of March, we are celebrating his (Eazy-E) life
and legacy" says Sergio, the owner and creator of Eazy-ECPT.com,
adding "It's something special we do for him; to keep his name and
memory fresh in the hearts of original fans and new fans."  Ruthless
Propaganda Radio, a free web radio station which plays music from all
Ruthless Records artists as well as music from artists who were
influenced by the west coast gangsta rap genre, has dedicated their
entire music stream to Eazy-E throughout the month of March.
The staff of Eazy-ECPT.com, showing their sincere devotion to keeping
the memory of Eazy-E alive, will have for free download "Ruthless
Memories 2", available only on Eazy-ECPT.com this Monday.  The
"Ruthless Memories 2" album consists of over 20 made for this occasion
tracks by Ruthless Records artists Ruthless Dirty Red, Sylk E Fine,
Steffon, Dresta, BG Knocc Out, Loesta, Cashis, and many others as well
as tracks from the sons of Eazy-E; Lil Eazy-E, E3, and Yung Eazy. As
stated by Sergio, "All for the love of Eazy-E".  You can follow the
website on Twitter @eazyecptcom for more information, as well, help
make #RIPEAZYE a worldwide trend on Twitter Monday.  Go to
Eazy-ECPT.com and register now so you can be a part of this
extravagant dedication and download "Ruthless Memories 2", showing
that this website is truly the home of 'the biggest Eazy-E fans in the
- Ruthless Propaganda / Miss DG, @NWAEnt


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